28th August – 3rd September 2017

When you are reading this text, your heart is beating – 50 to 90 times per minute – now and during your whole life time. But your heart is more than just a perfect biological high-performance pump. It reacts on your emotions, joy, enthusiasm, love, anger, sadness and stress. Your heart beats the rhythm of your life.

With Heart Basel you will experience the heart in an extraordinary way.  The heartbeat is used to inspire and move dancers, musicians and artists. With interactive installations and performances, Heart Basel invites you to connect to an interactive and audiovisual journey to the rhythms of the hearts of Basel.

Artists presenting their new works include Elia Rediger, Janiv Oron, Permi Jhooti, Nik Von Frankenberg, Dirk Koy and Fabio Masini, the dance company Carta Blanca Dance as well as the DJ collective Alma Negra.