The magic of the Basel DJ and producer collective Alma Negra is based on a special musical soulship that closely connects the four friends. With their music they delightfully transcend the limits of traditional sounds, creating a new electronic sound inspired by jazz, funk, and house, as well as African, South American, and Caribbean rhythms. Their intercontinental enthusiasm for experimentation is undoubtedly due to the fact that the members of the formation are “multi-ethnic”. The father of the brothers Dersu and Diego Figuiera originates from Cape Verde and their mother from Switzerland, Dario Rohrbach’s parents come originally from Italy and Portugal and those of Mario Robles immigrated from Spain to Switzerland.

In 2013, the quartet, which is now celebrating big successes at home and abroad, released their first EP at the London label Sofrito. Since then other singles on Heist, Basic Fingers and Highlife have appeared.



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