Lukas Wiedmer is a trained event specialist who has made a name for himself as an allround technician in Basel. His workplaces include the Basel Theater and Kaserne Basel. In these two cultural buildings, close to the pulse of art, Wiedmer became acquainted with the diversity of show and theater art. Through a friendly connection to the Ballet Theater Basel and various contacts to numerous artists, Wiedmer is always there, where a fancy lighting and audio concept is in demand.

The fascination with the senses’ eyes and hearing was always present at Wiedmer. He supported the dance company Carta Blanca Dance in various productions and gave the productions a personal touch. From airy light moods to dark, monstrous shadows, one could already examine many of his repertoire.

For HeartBasel, Wiedmer is both responsible for the lighting design in the exhibition rooms, as well as for the two dance productions of Alma Negra and Carta Blanca Dance.



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