Born in Israel, lives in Basel – DJ and one half of the “Goldfinger Brothers”, composer, live electronic musician, and performer in various formations. He received a Master of Arts in Contemporary Arts Practice at the Bern University of Arts in the field of music and media art in 2015. Oron has been engaged in various interdisciplinary artistic collaborations in the field of dance and theatre, for example, the Soundclash with the Basler Sinfonietta and Lukas Huber, various concerts with the Kammerorchester Basel, a composition for the Schwetzinger SWR Festspiele or a multimodal sound composition for Zimoun. The realization of these projects has been motivated through his work in different projects in cooperation with the Theater Basel, his experience from a collaboration with the choreographer Béatrice Goetz and her dance company “miR Compagnie”, or the development of the soundtrack for an installation by the visual artist Renée Levi at the “BIX-Medienfassade” (media facade) of the Graz Art Museum. Noteworthy is his nomination for the 2016 Swiss Art Award and his prize for the best sound pattern at the 14th International Hörspielsommer in Leipzig. Oron is continuously on the lookout for new opportunities to further enhance his understanding of interdisciplinary productions in the field of turntablism and computer-based music.




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