The British multimedia artist Permi Jhooti is responsible for the development and initiation of HeartBasel’17.  Before her artistic activity, she worked as a scientist for almost 20 years. Her research focuses on artefacts and motion in medical-diagnostic images, especially in the areas of heart, diaphragm and brain biofeedback. Her professional career includes collaborations with universities and businesses in the UK, the Netherlands, Sweden, the USA and Switzerland. She has several patents on dealing with motion in the body.

Since 2013,  the Basel based Jhooti works as a multi-media artist with a focus on live interactions and audio-visual techniques. For this, she not only uses depth camera technology, but also develops her own application programs. Jhooti has developed various techniques for transforming dance and theatre into audiovisual expression forms under live conditions.  Her art work is inspired by motion and emotion, focussing primarily on dance.  Her many collaborations with the dancer and choreographer Jorge Garcia Perez resulted in the formation of  Carta Blanca Dance in 2016. Her first solo exhibition as an artist was in 2013. Her work was also shown at the following international exhibitions: SCOPE, Art Basel, Art Basel Miami, Armory Fair New York, Cologne List and Barcelona.

In addition, the versatile and talented Jhooti is active as a motivation speaker. After her career as the first professional Asian footballer, she was an English FIFA ambassador. In 2015, she was selected by Schweizerische Illustrierte as one of the 100 most important Basler women.



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